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Get files from your iPod or iOS device

If you aren't backing up your iTunes library you should. I am just a litltle obessed with my library. I have mine backed up in two different locations. One of which is an external USB that I only use to back up my library to.

If disaster does strike and you lose everything, you may not be completely out of luck. This is of course assuming that you’ve synced a good portion of your library to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. In most cases, unless you’ve purchased something on one of your devices, Apple’s iTunes syncing is a one-way street, computer to device. But with some tricks and software, you can recover your music, videos, and more.

This is where iRip2 from the little app facto...

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HTML5 and Apple's iPad

As a web developer / online applicatin development I keep an eye on the trends. The latest buzz has been about HTML5, and HTML compliant browsers. Most of you are likely viewing this post with a browser that is HTML5 compliant unless you are using Microsoft's IE version 8 or older. Not to get on a side tangent, but MS IE 9 claims to be HTML5 compliant, but I still see issues with it rendering HTML5 content. Most of the time you have to put the browser into compatability mode. WAY TO TO MS!!!

Ok, back on topic. I ran across an article from Sencha where they gave Apple's iPad an perfect score of 100 for the device's ability to view HTML5 content perfect. Per Sencha, Apple truly deliver...

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