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Error adding a user to the Participant Administration view

Working with users and user information in Windchill can be a pain depending on how your system is setup to authenticate. Most orginizations deploy Windchill with the ability to authenticate users via their Active Directory (AD) accounts. If this is the case the user's information is being handled by AD, and not by windchill. Windchill DS is consuming this information, and then caches it for later use.

From time to time the information in AD will need to change. An employee's name will change, or a contractor converts over to a full time employee. If a situation like this occurs you will most likely run into an error like the one below if you attempt to add the user's account to the Participant Administration screen.

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Reconnecting Disconnected Principals in Windchill via SQL Script

If you have your Windchill server instance setup to authenticate users against your Active Directory (AD) you will need to keep an eye on your disconnected principals (Site – Utilities – Principal Administrator – Maintenance). Disconnected principals are AD accounts that have been deleted or disabled, and Windchill is letting you know that it is unable to associate records in the WTUser table to an active AD account.

If this que is left untouched it can cause your system to behave abnormally. So it’s a good thing to check this que at least once a week. If you are seeing accounts showing up here that means that their AD accounts have ...

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Removing vaulted items from Windchill database

This past weekend I spent about 25 plus hours rehosting a production Windchill server to an identical development Windchill server. One of the last steps in cleaning up the rehost procedure is removing valuted items out of the database for replica sites. This needs to be done before you can remove all replica servers that are not being used. Typically, you aren't going to have replica servers talking to your development environment. Plus this helps keep your Windchill logs from getting cluttered with uneccesary errors and warnings.

Before you begin the SQL statement below is for MS SQL 2005 or MS SQL 2008. Also, remember that due to the settings of the Windchill database the column and table names are case sensitive.

  1. Idenitfy if your database has a ...

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