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  • Change file and folder permissions in OSX

Change file and folder permissions in OSX

So this past weekend I ran into something I haven't had to deal with on my mac, and that is file and folder permissions. On our iMac I have an account, and my wife has an account. This way we have our own profiles, playlists, and whatever else we want that is customized to her individual needs on the iMac. Well, the other day my wife asked if we could centralize our iTunes music. "Sure, why not." I said and hopped right to it. I knew because we seperate accounts on the machine that location would need to be accessible by both accounts. So I copied over my Itunes Media over to the following location:

usersuseraccountXPubliciTunes Media

Once I did that I combined my music and hers into this directory, and the same thing goes for movies and ringtones. I updated my iTunes setttings to recognize the library's new home, and I did the same for my wife's account. However, when we would launch iTunes we couldn't add each others music. So I would go and look into the public folder where the music was kept, and I would see folders like this one:

When I saw the little red circle it was an AH HA momment. DUH, come on Patrick, you need to update the file and folder permissions so what way your account, and your wife's account can have access.

So how do you go about changing the file and folder permissions, and updating those permissions to file and folders below that folder? EASY....

  1. Locate the folder or file that you want to change permissions on
  2. Right click the folder, and select Get Info
  3. When the window appears, Examp Sharing & Permissions
  4. Your main account should have Read & Write
  5. Now, click teh + in the lower left hand corner
  6. When the Select new user or group window appears, highlight the account you want to have permissions to the folder, and click Select
  7. Now that the user has been added, choose the level of permissions you want them to have.
  8. With the permissions updated, click the gear icon
  9. Then select Apply to enclosed items.

When the process is done, the updated permissions have been applied to the top folder, and all teh sub-folers and files have been updated as well.