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  • Error adding a user to the Participant Administration view

Error adding a user to the Participant Administration view

Working with users and user information in Windchill can be a pain depending on how your system is setup to authenticate. Most orginizations deploy Windchill with the ability to authenticate users via their Active Directory (AD) accounts. If this is the case the user's information is being handled by AD, and not by windchill. Windchill DS is consuming this information, and then caches it for later use.

From time to time the information in AD will need to change. An employee's name will change, or a contractor converts over to a full time employee. If a situation like this occurs you will most likely run into an error like the one below if you attempt to add the user's account to the Participant Administration screen.

So what is causing this, and how do you resolve it?

The Cause:
This error message is being caused because what the Windchill DS has in cache versus what is in AD dont' match.

The Fix:
The fix is fairly simple, but it's also slightly tricky. The first thin you are goin gto want to do is locate the user's information in your Windchill database by executing the following SQL script below. Replace ADaccount for the user's full AD account name. Then execute the statement.

select name, idA2A2
from wtuser.WTUser
where name = 'ADaccount'

Now that you have the idA2A2 (primary key for the WTUser's table) place it into this URL below. Replace the with the server name or Alias used for your Windchill implementation:

Copy the URL in it's entirity, and paste it into your web browser, of course this is after you have logged into the application. If all goes well, you should see the screen that brings up information about the user in question. When that screen appears click the Actions button in the upper left hand corner of the site, and select Remove from Cache. This process will force Windchill DS to go off to AD and get the latest information about the user's AD account.

Once this is done the user will be able to log back into the application, and administrators will be able to view the account details, and add the account into Windchill based groups.