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EM friend Gooding will be speaking at the Conference on World Affairs

While surfing Facebook last night I ran across a post from my pal Gooding. His post indicated that he will be speaking and performing at the Conference on World Affairs (CWA). The CWA is held annually at the Univerisity of Colorado at Boulder in April, and has 100 participants representing a wide range of backgrounds that gather in Boulder for what The New York Times calls “a week-long extravaganza of discussion and debate” on approximately 200 panels, plenaries and performances. It's here that conference participants discuss issues on an impromptu basis.

Tto view the schedule and times of when Gooding will be talking / performing at this year's CWA in Boulder click this link. So if you are in or around Boulder the first full week in April you will want to check him out along with the other speakers of performers attending this year's CWA.

Gooding is a person that I have been following for years, and even had the pleasure of playing with once when I was living in Dayton Ohio. If nothing else at least give him and his two best friends a once over. Trust me you will not being disappointed. Being a muscian myself, which has been a topic of debate for years, Gooding is among the best in the business all while staying true to his roots.