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HTML5 and Apple's iPad

As a web developer / online applicatin development I keep an eye on the trends. The latest buzz has been about HTML5, and HTML compliant browsers. Most of you are likely viewing this post with a browser that is HTML5 compliant unless you are using Microsoft's IE version 8 or older. Not to get on a side tangent, but MS IE 9 claims to be HTML5 compliant, but I still see issues with it rendering HTML5 content. Most of the time you have to put the browser into compatability mode. WAY TO TO MS!!!

Ok, back on topic. I ran across an article from Sencha where they gave Apple's iPad an perfect score of 100 for the device's ability to view HTML5 content perfect. Per Sencha, Apple truly delivers a top rate, no compromises HTML5 browser.

So give the article a once over. iPad 2: The HTML5 Developer Scorecard.