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Change file and folder permissions in OSX

So this past weekend I ran into something I haven't had to deal with on my mac, and that is file and folder permissions. On our iMac I have an account, and my wife has an account. This way we have our own profiles, playlists, and whatever else we want that is customized to her individual needs on the iMac. Well, the other day my wife asked if we could centralize our iTunes music. "Sure, why not." I said and hopped right to it. I knew because we seperate accounts on the machine that location would need to be accessible by both accounts. So I copied over my Itunes Media over to the following location:

usersuseraccountXPubliciTunes Media

Once I did that I combined my music and hers into this directory, and the same thing goes for movies and ringtones....

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T-SQL script to find transactions that are blocking

I was working on some code for another project at work today when a I got call from one of the users that I support. They had explained to me that the web application they use to pull reports wasn't working. Knowing the history of this particular application I had a feeling there as a blocked process on the SQL server that was preventing other processes or transactions from running. I wrote this script awhile back, and I thought I would share it. It queries the sys.dm_tran_locks table, then joins the sys.databases, and joins the sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks to see what transaction is causing the block. Before giving the query below are the details about each table we are going to query to get our results.

What is the sys.dm_tran_locks table?

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Error adding a user to the Participant Administration view

Working with users and user information in Windchill can be a pain depending on how your system is setup to authenticate. Most orginizations deploy Windchill with the ability to authenticate users via their Active Directory (AD) accounts. If this is the case the user's information is being handled by AD, and not by windchill. Windchill DS is consuming this information, and then caches it for later use.

From time to time the information in AD will need to change. An employee's name will change, or a contractor converts over to a full time employee. If a situation like this occurs you will most likely run into an error like the one below if you attempt to add the user's account to the Participant Administration screen.

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